Our story

My name is Rachel, a twenty-something, newlywed florist from Michigan.


Sometimes I can't even believe this is my life. I love working alongside my sweet husband, Chase, to create stunning floral designs that would make your dreams jealous. I believe that the entire wedding planning experience should be as wonderful as your wedding day. I love going above and beyond for each client and hearing those magical words   "It's even  more beautiful than I imagined." That's exactly why it's my goal to understand your vision. 


Brumley and Bloom was born out of my love for creativity. I enjoy working with my hands and bringing charming, unique pieces to life. I love creating a magically visual experience that your guests will remember forever. They will remain in your pictures, so attention to every little detail is SO important to me. I am passionate about organic beauty and I think most would agree that flowers are the best source of this in the world. 


Nothing makes me happier than collaborating with my clients and other creative entrepreneurs to build a unique event and unforgettable experience. I am a firm believer of treating others with kindness and choosing community over competition, after all... 


 "a flower never thinks of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms." 


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