Consultation Advice: Why Should I Meet With My Florist?

If you are planning a big event, like your wedding, we totally understand that you're busy! Between choosing your dream venue and finding the perfect place-settings you might not want to add one more thing! So why should you schedule a consultation with your florist?

1. Do it for The Aesthetic

You want to make sure that your floral artist understands what you want and sometimes text just isn't enough. If you don't believe me open up another tab, go to google images and search for one of your key words. I looked up "boho bouquet", "classic bouquet" and "garden bouquet." It's pretty clear that those phrases meant different things to different people.

As a florist, it is my goal to understand a bride's vision and make sure she is getting exactly what she wants. I work with each couple to determine the right colors, shades, textures and feel to compliment their wedding style.

Meeting with your florist for any event will better ensure that you get the look you're after.

2. Budget Help

Who doesn't need a little help with their budget?

If you're like most of my clients you don't have an infinite wedding budget. Your florist can help maximize the floral portion of that budget.

It's our job to know which pieces should be a priority (Hello bridal bouquets) and how to get the biggest impact for your dollar. It doesn't matter if you have a modest floral budget because you're saving up for that all-inclusive tropical honeymoon or you're making it rain with your recent lottery winnings; a good florist will let you know how to help you with it.

3. Make sure it's a good fit.

I love it when my clients become my real life friends. That being said you do NOT need to be bffs with your florist. You do, however, need to make sure you can work together.

The people you hire for your wedding day should be there to serve you and your vision with a good attitude. You’re paying them to relieve stress, not add it. A consultation with your florist will help you build confidence and trust in them. If it does the opposite or you’re just not sure you two mesh well that’s okay!

If they drive you nuts or you get weird vibes it is better to know now while you still have time to find another floral designer!

4. Get a professional opinion.

Do you know when peonies are in season in Michigan? Are hydrangea as strong and sturdy as they look or do they wilt easily? Is that flower you love a peony or a double bloom tulip?

If you have no idea then you're with the majority and that's totally okay! Why should you know?

Who has time between the proposal and wedding day to breathe, let alone become an expert on flowers? Let your florist handle that. We are here to guide and inform you.

5. The hook up

Serving a couple goes so much further than just making some bouquets and boutonnieres. If you're looking for a photographer, hair, make-up, videographer, calligraphy, a DJ... your consultation is a great

time to ask your florist. I keep a list of awesome vendors I can recommend as a complimentary service for those who book with me.

If you're planning on buying a bunch of decor that you won't use again after the wedding day your florist might be able to rent those things at a fraction of the cost.

During your consultation as your florist gets to know you and your style they may be able to offer some more suggestions to make your florals and decor even more personalized and unique to you. It is YOUR day after all.

Wake up the morning of your wedding thinking about your happily ever after, not stressing about your flowers. Contact us today, and if not us than your local wedding florist, to get the best experience possible.

To set up your free consultation with Brumley and Bloom, click here or email us at

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