DIY Wedding Flowers: Weighing the Pros and Cons.

I am a huge fan of do it yourself projects. I love to get my hands dirty and test my skill. An opportunity to flex my creative muscle is a challenge I will more than likely accept.

I've seen some of my greatest work come out of times when I thought "I can make that..." and passed up spending some hard earned cash. BUT to be totally honest I've also had times when I shoved whatever disaster I had created in the closest never to be spoken of again. I'm totally fine with this. They're called limitations people, lets not pretend like we don't have them. Shopping local and supporting artists is pretty awesome anyway.

Lets chat wedding florals. I've pointed out some pros and cons to every topic. This is coming from personal experiences of mine and my friends. My heart here is not to make sway you either way but to inform and serve you. I hope this information is helpful as you make your decisions!


saving money:

If you can diy your florals you might be able to save some money. This is probably the biggest reason that people choose the do it yourself route. Not paying a professional can help that budget.(or at least seem like it). You can often order in bulk through a florist- or even through an online resource like (I'm not being paid to say this... these guys are AWESOME!)

unexpected expenses:

You may have gotten a quote from a florist and realized that purchasing flowers in bulk for DIY could save you some money, but did you take into consideration your supplies? You will need clean buckets (if they aren't cleaned properly putting your flowers in them can kill them quickly) wire, floral tape, snipes or sheers, ribbon, flower food, the list goes on. Maybe you already have these things, but if not you may want to take these things into consideration when your budgeting your flowers.

Another thing to consider is when going through a florist you can rent your vases for centerpieces instead of purchasing them which can save you tons or money and you wont have to store vases or vessels that you may never use again. To quote Michael Gaffney* "A great florist can deliver a beautiful arrangement at a reasonable price. In extreme cases, buying retail and arranging on your own may save you 25 percent at max over a good florist." couldn't have said it better myself!


you might have tons of time on your hands, you lucky bride, you. Starting a diy project you love might be a great way to keep you busy while those pre-wedding nerves strike! If you're a very efficient person or you have a big bridal party that is excited about being involved and you want an activity to do together it could be a blast to do your flowers together!

Hear me out on this... I'm speaking from experience. You probably don't have as much time as you

think you do! if you're not a professional it will probably take you much longer to put together floral arrangements. You need to put your arrangements together the 1-3 days before your wedding depending on what greenery and flowers you're using. For bouquets (especially the brides) you want to make them the day before or even the day of to keep it looking perfect and healthy.

This means while you should be getting your nails done, meeting up with your out of town guests, enjoying your rehearsal dinner, hanging out with your bridesmaids and feeling like royalty, you will need to be working away on your flowers. Let me tell are so much more time consuming than most people anticipate and you're busier than you think!

Health and Happiness

I did my own florals for my wedding. To be clear, I only did my bouquets and boutonnières the day of, NOT my centerpieces. Getting my hands on flowers actually totally calmed me down from the craziness of morning and gave me something to focus on. Working with flowers is very soothing to me. I knew how much time I needed and my bridesmaids skill levels. When it was all said and done I had extra sentimental feels because I knew I, with the help of my girls, made my wedding my dream. If you're experienced you might feel the same way! Try timing yourself as you do a trial.

If just the thought of waking up early getting your hair and makeup done, and doing a messy project (which putting together floral arrangements DEFINITELY is) stresses you out, you may want to considered delegating that task to a professional florist or a family member you trust. Stress can cause fine lines, pimples, puffy eyes and even rashes.... not a good look on your wedding day!

There is more than just making the arrangements too! What about delivery? Who is going to take the boutonnières to your groom, groomsmen, officiant, dads, and ushers? If your are doing your own centerpieces, when are you taking them to the venue? I was pretty bummed out when I found out that the boutonnières for all of my men were locked in someones trunk before our ceremony. Luckily I didn't realize until later but it was even more disappointing because I had made them myself.

Don't just take my word for it . Check out this video from brit & co:


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