Top 3 Favorite Spring Flowers for Weddings and Centerpieces in Michigan

Although the first day of spring was over a month ago, the 20th of March, it has still felt a little wintery here in Michigan up until today!the majority of April has been ice and snow showers which is pretty discouraging, if you ask me. So now that spring has FINALLY decided to show up I wanted to post about my favorite seasonal cut flowers for spring in Michigan!


Also known as "wind-flower" this flower comes in so many beautiful variations. With its whimsical charm the anemone is EASILY one of our favorites. Its perfect for a white wedding.

For those of you into more color, check out the deep blues and purples these blooms come in. they are absolutely stunning.


If you have followed my work at all you may have noticed this gorgeous bloom. Im am obsessed with ranunculus. They add so much character to any arrangement. So if your wedding or event is in the spring you should definitely consider some fresh cut ranunculus. For a cross between anemone and ranunculus check out butterfly ranunculus. They're amazing.


If were talking spring flowers, it would be a shame to not bring up tulips!

Tulips are not only a classic for spring but they are also an affordable, cost effective way to bring shape and color into to floral arrangements. They aren't just your grandmas flowers either... there are beautiful ways to add them to modern, trendy and elegant pieces!

Remember that choosing flowers that are in season helps you cut down on the cost and ensures that you're getting the healthiest flowers available.

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