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Dwarf ZZ - New Variety - 4" Pot
Dwarf ZZ - New Variety - 4" Pot

Dwarf ZZ - New Variety - 4" Pot

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Dwarf is an upright-growing Aroid with wand-like shoots and thick glossy leaves. This species is by far the easiest plant to grow and can take its fair share of neglect. The dwarf variety has much smaller leaves and more compact growth than other ZZ varieties. Its compact and dense growth make this an excellent accent plant for tabletops, nooks, and shelves in both low-light and bright-light interiors.

ZZ Care Tips

Light Level: Low to Bright Indirect

Humidity: Low to High

Water: Allow to completely dry out between waterings.

Medium: Peat-based.





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