Calathea Gecko - Peacock Calathea - 4" Pot

Calathea Gecko - Peacock Calathea - 4" Pot

Calathea are a group of plants known for their vibrant variegation and ability to bend their foliage. This specific variety has oval shaped leaves with a beautiful brushstroked peacock pattern. Don't be surprised if you find your plant in a totally different position in the evening compared to how you left it in the morning. Like other Calathea, this plant folds their foliage up and down depending on the lighting they receive throughout the day. 

Calathea Care Tips

Light Level: Low to Medium Indirect Light

Humidity: High

Water: Maintain moist soil at all times. Do not overwater.

Medium: Peat Moss or Coco Coir with Perlite





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