Winter Protection Insurance - Covers Up to 6 Plants

Winter Protection Insurance - Covers Up to 6 Plants

Winter Insurance is an add-on for your purchase to ensure the safe arrival of your plants during chilly weather conditions. It is highly recommended if your local temps dip below 40 degrees.
When you add Winter Insurance to your order, we check the weather conditions along your plant's journey and take necessary precautions to ensure its safe arrival. This may include using heat packs, special packing procedures, or shipping on specific days. In the rare event that your plant doesn't arrive safely, we will replace your order at no cost to you.

The additional cost of Winter Insurance covers the average expenses required to properly insulate and protect the plants during winter shipments.

If you choose not to purchase Winter Insurance, your order will be packed normally. However, we cannot cover any damages determined to be related to cold weather if Winter Insurance is not included.

With Winter Insurance, our staff checks the destination and journey of your plants, taking the necessary steps to ensure their safe arrival despite the cold. Any damage sustained during shipping, including cold or heat-related damage, will be replaced entirely on us.

Please note that Winter Insurance is non-refundable once purchased.

Regarding heat packs, certain plants tolerate temperature differently, and placing heat packs in their boxes can damage them in certain conditions. We take extensive precautions to ship plants with different climate needs sensibly, considering the climate of their entire journey. In the rare event of a weather-related issue, we will replace your plants.

To file a Winter Insurance claim, please reach out to us via email within 48 hours of receiving your order. Follow the instructions found in our Replacement Policy tab at the bottom of our website to provide us with the necessary information. In most cases, a photo of the plant is sufficient for weather-related claims. Claims opened more than 48 hours after receiving your plant cannot be honored.

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